Clinic & T-Girl Party 1 juni 2019

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1 juni 2019 @ 21:00 – 2 juni 2019 @ 04:00
Club Akhnaton
Nieuwezijds Kolk 25
1012 PV Amsterdam

Clinic & T-Girl Party Clinic & T-Girl, 1 juni

Dit zegt T-Girlparty Amsterdam over hun evenement:
The return of the Clinic Party, famous for being one of the best Kinkiest and Fetish Party’s since 1999, is a fact.
The T-Girl Party Amsterdam, famous for it’s extravagant visitors, is now part of the Clinic as well.
Dance, flirt, have fun while we provoke you with sexy Drag, Fetish, Kinky & Pervy entertainment. International (porn) T-Girl performers, will be there to thrill your kinky fantasies. Let’s all have a good party, let’s all be playful, let’s have a good time, alone or with your partner. Bring your toys and check out the dungeons. Let your fantasy rule and enter the erotic theatre of your own mind!

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